The City of Homestead,
an Agricultural Oasis

Located just before Everglades and Biscayne National Parks, Homestead is celebrated for its expanses of agriculturally rich farmland. As the region’s second oldest city, you will find a unique hometown atmosphere with all the necessary big-city conveniences. It has the perfect blend of historic sites, natural beauty, locally grown food products, and entertainment to service its diverse and resilient community一which has been growing at a rapid pace since 2016.

While Homestead is steeped in a rich history and rural, agricultural roots, its downtown area is undergoing a remarkable transformation. Witness the revival first-hand as new retail and entertainment destinations emerge, alongside a state-of-the-art transit center and the new and innovative experience at the Cybrarium. This unique library blends cutting-edge technology with traditional resources, offering an array of programs, workshops, and interactive spaces to engage visitors of all ages. Plus, the Homestead Miami Speedway adds to the city’s allure, hosting three NASCAR championships and drawing thousands of visitors annually.

Homestead’s economic landscape is seeing great success, with 2,651 registered businesses and a robust labor force of more than 32,000 individuals. White-collar professions make up 65% of the workforce, while 34% are engaged in blue-collar positions. The leading industries include Retail, Education, Health Care and Social Services, Accommodation and Food Services.

Discover the dynamic blend of tradition, innovation, and opportunity in Homestead – where history meets progress, and community prospers.


City Of Homestead
100 Civic Court
Homestead, FL 33030
Phone: 305-224-4400


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