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How does the Economic Development Council of South Miami-Dade reach their goals?

  • Through Community Partnerships – Economic development is community building at its most functional level. With that in mind, the EDC seeks out partnerships which enhance their framework for services. Those partnerships may be as simple as a funding relationship with a sponsor or as complex as presenting a business development series with a community partner. Partnerships can be created with big organizations such as the Beacon Council or Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau or smaller ones, such as the Chambers, Business Associations, and local social service entities within a region.
    When it comes to business information, statistics and education, there are no boundaries to the expanse of resources available upon which the EDC may draw. Colleges, governmental agencies and departments, and seasoned business individuals all are prospects for dynamic relationships.
    Through those community partnerships, funding opportunities for the EDC arise. Whether it is via direct
    contribution, grants, user fees, fundraisers, or through working partnerships where the EDC is funded to provide services, obtaining funding through diverse sources will always be a primary task for the EDC in order to sustain its mission of providing community-based business assistance and information.

  • Through Community Marketing – Marketing is a critical piece to the economic development puzzle. Not only does the EDC need to market opportunities to existing businesses in the target region, the EDC needs to be able to help brand and market the entire region. South Dade needs a concise “story” beyond Hurricane Andrew; everyone knows our hurricane story, but the story we wish to promote is what is here now for business. Having a brand (story) to share opens the door for interaction with corporate entities. By focusing on promotion as region which “has it all” (housing, agricultural space, natural areas, shopping, health care, educational facilities, diverse business interests, and land to build on, among South Dade’s many assets of business interest), the EDC has the ability to offer the particulars of an exciting new frontier available for business development. Our branding reflects the answer to “What’s in it for us?” question that is the primary concern which site selectors, business entities or potential start-ups need to address.

  • Through Community Outreach – On the flipside of the marketing to corporate interests is the task of marketing EDC services and abilities to the local business community. Without the outreach which allows the EDC to touch the front doors of business entities, the EDC cannot accomplish its goals of facilitating economic growth. The organization is suitably placed to work within the business community at the business’ point of need.
    Equipped with a unique knowledge of the community, the EDC formulates outreach that is flexible and grassroots in nature, which is something that other agencies are not able to do. Rather than always providing services through large group presentations, the EDC is able to coach, empower and resolve issues one-to- one in the context of the business’ particular location.
    Community outreach is accomplished through social media, news outlets, events, word of mouth, presentations to organizations, churches, clubs or where ever business owners gather.