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What are the edc’s areas of service?

What are the edc’s areas of service?

  • Being a resource for local businesses, entrepreneurs, and potential investors in the region – The EDC has the ability to locate and provide information regarding area demographics, availability of real estate locations, tax incentives, best practices and knowing appropriate contacts to assist in issue resolution as

  • Continuing to provide a linkage between businesses and government – The EDC maintains working relationships with local, state and federal governmental entities either as a partner or as a resource.

  • Providing economic development support for local municipalities and unincorporated areas – By being available, the EDC identifies and nurtures relationships which allow the EDC to assist governmental entities in making sure that local businesses, entrepreneurs, and potential investors have a smooth pathway to success. The EDC also works with governmental entities on identifying needs and opportunities within their boundaries.

  • Continuing outreach meetings to bring educational information and best practices to business interests – Through partnerships, the EDC continues to present opportunities to learn new business skills.

  • Focusing on transportation and other infrastructure necessities – The EDC pinpoints and works towards the betterment of any deficiency in the regional infrastructure which is a hindrance to economic vitality.

  • Partnering with local organizations on key economic projects to meet common goals – Our group identifies opportunities to partner with and support CRA initiatives, Chambers, or other initiatives, throughout the region as well other entities which focus on economic development and quality of life.