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Why South Dade

Why South Dade

South Dade offers visitors a tremendous variety of experiences often not widely known even among South Floridians. From culture and auto sports to wildlife and culinary experiences, South Dade has a surprisingly rich offering of experiences at affordable prices.

Miami is a powerful international brand known for world class beaches, shopping and entertainment. South Dade offers more to explore beyond these popular attractions with authentic activities tied to the area’s unique natural resources and history.

The Southern tier of Miami-Dade County is unique in many ways including a small-town atmosphere and
reminiscent of “Old Florida.”

The entrepreneurial spirit is strong in South Dade, a community primarily of small businesses, making it an ideal locale for new business start-ups. Success stories include wineries, “farm to table” agriculture enterprises and ornamental nurseries.

South Dade boasts distinct communities with neighborhoods that reflect the diversity of the area and offer a wide
selection of housing opinions that appeal to families, young professionals and retirees.

Nature enthusiasts have an endless array of outdoor activities to pursue in South Dade including boating, birding,
countless hiking trails and bike paths.

South Dade is home to premier attractions including ZooMiami, Redland Fruit and Spice Park, the South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center and Biscayne and Everglades National Parks.

South Dade has significant historical offerings including the Deering Estate, Coral Castle, the recently renovated Seminole Theater and the Gold Coast Railroad.

A medley of economic and entertainment opportunities; environmental and cultural diversity; welcoming residential
communities and distinctive educational opportunities-there really is more to explore in South Dade!