What Barriers Do EDCs Such as the Economic Development Council of South Miami-Dade Often Face?

Even with well-planned strategies, things don’t always go accordingly. There are challenges all local governments face, and the Economic Development Council of South Miami-Dade isn’t immune. Here are some of the top barriers all EDCs may face. 

Population Growth Rates

Population growth can be random, and depending on the circumstances, it can be negative. It can put a strain on existing resources and lead to difficulty in obtaining new resources. 

Lack of Human Resources

Education, agriculture, healthcare, and technology are just a few components that are needed to create a vital society, but not all communities have these in place. The Economic Development Council of South Miami-Dade places great value on its continuous improvement of available human resources. 

Unpopular Investment Destinations

Not all environments are attractive to potential investors or businesses, and economic development relies on investors. Weak economic projects lead to a decline in employment opportunities and a lack of support for a community. 

Lack of Transportation Services

Many residents of South Miami-Dade don’t realize the importance of a solid transportation network. Without it, industrial and economic competitiveness is negatively impacted. A good transportation network is needed to lower the cost of moving people and freight. 

Inability to Find Innovative Solutions

As an example, many societies are dependent on oil. When alternative means are examined and put in place, it reduces the overall oil bill. Innovative solutions to traditional means improve economies. Innovation leads to higher productivity and greater output of goods and services. 

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