What Does an Economic Development Administration Near Cutler Bay Do?

The goal of the Economic Development Council is to make life better for the residents of South Miami-Dade where beautiful Cutler Bay is located. A top priority for the administration is to expand businesses and create jobs through the support of projects that are sustainable and resilient. Read on to see more about how an economic development administration near Cutler Bay fosters economic development through improvements to infrastructure, education, and the workforce. 

Here’s How Our Economic Development Council Began

After Hurricane Andrew struck Florida in 1992, the damage was the worst a hurricane had ever caused up to that point. In order to ensure that this region recovered from the devastation, the Economic Development Council of South Miami-Dade was created. The goal is to support and grow our municipalities, our agriculture industry, our tourism industry, as well as to support the residents and businesses here.

The Economic Development Council of South Miami-Dade is funded through support of local businesses.  Working as one collective voice, the council works to improve the community through projects that are sustainable and resilient. The council works to create a strong and skilled workforce, ensuring that South Miami-Dade including Cutler Bay is a place people want to live, work, and play for years to come.

Our Economic Development Administration Near Cutler Bay Helps Support the Following Industries

  • Aviation: The area is host to one of the world’s busiest airports.
  • Construction: The limestone industry here alone supports millions in revenue and over 14,000 jobs.
  • Hospitality and Tourism: The area stretching from Miami to the Keys is a top tourist destination.
  • Life Sciences and Healthcare: Healthcare is a leading employment industry.
  • Manufacturing: This job industry has been steadily growing for over 60 years in our area.
  • Retail: People from around the world come here to shop.
  • Technology: This is a a rapidly growing industry, as tech startups continually incorporate in South Miami-Dade.
  • Trade and Logistics: Our two local trade ports make this location ideal.

Our mission is to ensure the residents of this area have the best work-life balance to create a thriving community. Contact us today to learn more about how we’re ensuring South Miami-Dade is a great place to live, work, and play!


The Economic Development of Homestead, Florida: A Comprehensive Guide, Part 1 of 2

Located in the southern tip of Florida outside of Miami, Homestead is a small city with a population of just over 60,000. The city has a rich history dating back to the early 1800s, when it was founded as a farming community. In recent years, Homestead has experienced a surge in population and economic growth. This comprehensive two-part guide will take you through the economic development of Homestead, Florida – from its early days as a farming community to its present-day status as a growing city.

A Brief History of Homestead

Just a short drive from Miami, the location has made it a popular destination for tourists and retirees. Moreover, Homestead’s proximity to the Everglades and the Florida Keys has also made it a popular destination for eco-tourism. Homestead, Florida was founded in 1881 as a farming community by Civil War veterans and grew rapidly in the ensuing years.

In 1926, the city was incorporated, and by 1970, the population had grown to 10,000. The city’s population continued to grow exponentially into the 2000s, and by 2020, had reached over 60,000 people.

The Economic Development of Homestead, Florida

Homestead has a long, diverse history of economic development. Since the early 1900s, it has been home to several major companies and industries including a fertilizer factory, a brickyard, and a glass factory. In recent years, the city has also attracted a number of new businesses and industries, such as apartment buildings, shopping centers, and even a movie theater.

The city of Homestead has seen significant economic growth in recent years, largely due to its location near Miami and its proximity to the Everglades and the Florida Keys. Tourism and retirement communities have been the primary drivers of economic development in Homestead, but the city has also seen significant growth in the retail and construction industries.

One of the most important economic development projects in the city is the Homestead Air Reserve Park, which was established in 1989 to provide an airshow and aerospace educational facility. The park has helped to attract both local and international visitors and has also triggered new economic development ventures in the city. Additionally, the park has also been instrumental in attracting new businesses, such as aerospace and aviation-related companies to the city.

Check out the next part of this two-part series here!

What Is Economic Planning in the Village of Palmetto Bay?

Economic planning in the Village of Palmetto Bay is a process by which a government makes decisions about the allocation of resources. Planning involves setting targets for economic growth, employment, and inflation, and then designing policies to achieve these targets.

The role of economic planning has evolved over time. In the early days of economic planning, the focus was on creating detailed plans for the development of specific industries. Today, the focus is on setting overall economic goals and then using various policy tools to achieve these goals.

There are a variety of different economic planning models that governments can use, and the specific model that is used will depend on the unique economic situation in the area.

What Are the Benefits of Economic Planning in the Village of Palmetto Bay?

From an economic standpoint, planning can be defined as “the allocation of resources among alternative uses with the aim of achieving specific goals.” In other words, it is the process of making decisions about how to best use resources in order to achieve desired objectives.

Planning is an essential tool for governments of all sizes. It allows them to allocate resources in a way that is most likely to achieve desired goals, and it also provides a framework for making decisions in response to changes in the economic climate.

There are many benefits of economic planning, but some of the most important benefits include:

  • Greater flexibility
  • Improved ability to respond to changes in the business environment
  • Improved decision making
  • Improved resource allocation
  • Increased efficiency

But, There Are Challenges of Economic Planning

Economic planning is a complex task that requires the consideration of a wide range of factors, including politics, sociology, psychology, and history.

The challenges of economic planning are many and varied. First and foremost, it is difficult to predict the future. Economic planners must constantly make assumptions about the future direction of the economy, which may or may not prove to be accurate. Additionally, the economy is constantly changing, which makes it difficult to develop long-term plans. And finally, politics can often interfere with the implementation of economic plans, as well-intentioned plans may be blocked by special interests or ideology.

Despite these challenges, economic planning in the Village of Palmetto Bay and surrounding South Miami-Dade communities is essential to the success of any economy. The development of sound economic plans requires a deep understanding of the economy

Economic Planning in Action Has Been Seen During the Pandemic

Governments are using economic planning to guide their countries through the COVID-19 pandemic. By implementing policies such as stimulus packages and tax breaks, governments are trying to minimize the economic impact of the pandemic.

Economic planning is a vital tool for governments to use in times of crisis. By carefully crafting policies, governments can ensure that their communities emerge from a crisis in a strong position.

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What Is Economic Planning in Homestead?

Any municipality wants to make sure that they have the resources needed to create a thriving environment for those who live in, work in, and visit the area. Economic planning in Homestead is the key to ensuring that there is a happy, healthy future for its residents, as well as those who come for work and / or recreation.

What Is Economic Development Planning Exactly?

In the simplest terms, it’s what it sounds like: a plan for the economy. A resource allocation mechanism, economic planning helps ensure that the right resources are in place in order for a community to grow and thrive so that the economy is vibrant and strong.

Also referred to as an economic development plan, an economic plan identifies necessary strategies, develop programs, set policies, and more in order to achieve the development objectives. This is typically laid out in a document called a strategic economic development plan.

Economic development plans affect governing bodies from the federal level all the way down to local municipalities. Economic plans are typically reviewed on an annual basis but cover a longer term. The development strategy may cover a period of time as little as one to three years and as long as five or more years. Since events such as a pandemic happen that can completely change a local, regional, state, or federal economic plan, they should be reviewed as necessary to ensure that they’re practical and feasible.

The old saying, “If you fail to plan, you can plan to fail,” is true, so economic planning is done in order for success. When an economy is thriving, its people are able to make better choices in regards to their work, housing, transportation, and other areas of life, which ultimately leads to increased happiness and improved wellbeing.


To Learn More About Economic Planning in Homestead, Contact the Economic Development Council of South Miami-Dade

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How Targeted Economic Growth in Miami Can Improve South Miami-Dade

Navigating the world of economics and how it can improve your county can be tricky, but it’s a necessity. What is targeted economic growth in Miami, and how can it benefit our area? Here’s what you need to know.

What Is Targeted Economic Growth in Miami Exactly?

Targeted economic growth refers to the growth that a city aims to see each year. It considers both planned and actual economic growth. Essentially, it’s how much a city expects to see in growth and how they budget for the following year.

Many factors affect the outcomes of this targeted growth. This includes the size of a location and the population, the amount of domestic product produced and how diverse the products are, whether your city is well connected for ease of transportation of these goods, and other key indicators.

Policies and outside changes affect this as well. For example, if one industry experiences a collapse or a reduced demand, it affects the entire industry as a whole.

How Can It Improve Economic Growth in Miami?

It’s important to meet these goals in order to prevent an economy from becoming stagnant or, worse, regressing. Why? It helps to meet the demands of a city and its population, maintain infrastructure, and even build new infrastructure to keep up with a growing population.

When economic growth is low and targets aren’t met, it can be devastating. Not only will it be difficult or impossible to maintain infrastructure and a budget for a city to survive, but these aspects can start to decay.

That being said, when it’s met and surpassed, a city is given the opportunity to flourish and keep its people as well as its infrastructure, businesses, and other elements happy, maintained, and growing. This is why it’s important to get involved, make a plan for growth, and ensure that there’s contribution.

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4 Facts You Need to Know About Living in the City of Homestead, Florida

Whether you already call Homestead your home or you’re new to living in this one-of-a-kind city, there’s a lot to discover about the area you live in. Here are four fun facts about living in Homestead, Florida that prove why it’s one of the best cities in South Miami-Dade!

1. Homestead Is Home to the Cybrarium

The Cybrarium is a unique and innovative library that you can’t find anywhere else, and it happens to be located in Homestead! This high-tech library takes the traditional methods of learning and adds a fun new twist, offering a digital library, 3-D printing, virtual reality experiences, and so much more.

The Cybrarium is perfect for adults and kids of all ages, providing easily accessible resources tailored to yours and your child’s interests.

2. It’s the Second Oldest City in Miami-Dade County

Founded in 1913, Homestead is a city rich in history. This great city was once a path called the “Homesteaders Trail,” giving hard-working farmers a way to transport goods like fruits and vegetables to the South Dade area.

Many of these farmers and workers stayed behind, however, thus Homestead was founded. The CIty of Homestead maintains designated Historic Districts to learn more about its history and culture.

3. There Are Plenty of Attractions to Enjoy

A common problem people run into is feeling bored in the city they live in, believing they’ve seen all there is to see. This is far from the truth in Homestead.

Homestead offers plenty of attractions and parks to enjoy, including several farms, dozens of parks (even a few national parks), and more. Yes, there’s even an alligator farm where you can admire these animals and even feed them. Welcome to Florida!

4. There Is a Wide Variety of Schools

Homestead is within the Miami-Dade school district, and there are private schools as well, so you can be sure your children can learn and develop. Additionally, this city is home to the Miami-Dade College Homestead Campus for older learners!

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What Barriers Do EDCs Such as the Economic Development Council of South Miami-Dade Often Face?

Even with well-planned strategies, things don’t always go accordingly. There are challenges all local governments face, and the Economic Development Council of South Miami-Dade isn’t immune. Here are some of the top barriers all EDCs may face. 

Population Growth Rates

Population growth can be random, and depending on the circumstances, it can be negative. It can put a strain on existing resources and lead to difficulty in obtaining new resources. 

Lack of Human Resources

Education, agriculture, healthcare, and technology are just a few components that are needed to create a vital society, but not all communities have these in place. The Economic Development Council of South Miami-Dade places great value on its continuous improvement of available human resources. 

Unpopular Investment Destinations

Not all environments are attractive to potential investors or businesses, and economic development relies on investors. Weak economic projects lead to a decline in employment opportunities and a lack of support for a community. 

Lack of Transportation Services

Many residents of South Miami-Dade don’t realize the importance of a solid transportation network. Without it, industrial and economic competitiveness is negatively impacted. A good transportation network is needed to lower the cost of moving people and freight. 

Inability to Find Innovative Solutions

As an example, many societies are dependent on oil. When alternative means are examined and put in place, it reduces the overall oil bill. Innovative solutions to traditional means improve economies. Innovation leads to higher productivity and greater output of goods and services. 

Are You Interested in Learning More About the Economic Development Council of South Miami-Dade?

Since 1993, the EDC has worked diligently to improve and advance the quality of life for all residents and businesses of South Miami-Dade. Our key priorities include supporting business expansion, creating new jobs, and improving local infrastructure.

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What Is Economic Planning in Florida City, Miami?

Learning about the economics in your city can be pretty confusing, but knowledge is power, especially when it comes to developing your community so it can flourish. What is economic planning in Florida City, Miami? Here’s what you need to know!

What Is Economic Planning in Florida City Miami? What Does It Do?

If you’re wondering what economic planning is exactly, you’re not the only one. Exploring the world of economics can be intimidating and confusing initially, however once you break it down, it becomes easier than ever to keep up with economic news and how it benefits your city.

Put simply, economic planning refers to a resource allocation model that uses an iteration process to obtain its solution. There are various forms of economic planning, meaning that many of them are used at once depending on the approach and specific procedures required.

Ultimately, economic planning intends to achieve faster growth within the community and its economy.

What Does Economic Planning Go Towards in My Community?

It’s only natural to want to know how these mechanisms benefit your community, especially when it comes to tricky, nuanced areas like economics. The truth is there are many ways economic planning helps communities like Florida City to grow and thrive. For example, economic planning is used to stabilize the economy. This, in turn, it stabilizes rents, wages, interest rates, and more.

Additionally, economic planning factors in businesses, both big and small, schools, healthcare, and neighborhoods, to name a few. With this planning, it makes it easier to allocate resources in a sustainable fashion that also encourages further growth, which means more resources to improve community satisfaction both long term and short term.

Have More Questions About Economic Planning? Let Us Help!

The Economic Development Council of South Miami-Dade is here to assist with questions like, “What is economic planning in Florida City, Miami?” Whether you’re looking to invest, partner with us, or simply learn more about the economics in your community, we’re here to help provide resources and education.

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Is There an Economic Development Administration in Miami?

The Economic Development Administration (EDA) plays a critical role in providing resources and assistance for economic development efforts across the entire nation. So, is there an Economic Development Administration in Miami? If so, how can they help you? Read on to learn more!

What Is the EDA?

The EDA is an agency in the United States Department of Commerce responsible for providing grants, technical assistance, and additional resources to economically challenged communities.

By doing this, the EDA’s goal is to promote commercial and industrial growth, as well as generate new employment and retain existing employment. This is achieved through multiple investment programs.

The Economic Development Administration offers and employs American rescue plans, funding opportunities, several programs, and even more resources to promote innovation, competitiveness, growth, and success both in America and, subsequently, worldwide.

Is There an Economic Development Administration in Miami? Who Are They?

The Economic Development Council of South Miami-Dade is proud to serve Florida residents and honor the Economic Development Administration’s mission. The EDC was established in 1993 after Hurricane Andrew, with the board members witnessing and empathizing with the needs of South-Miami Dade residents.

The EDC works hard to support the local economy, indiscriminately committed to their mission to boost economic success, assist in small business goals, and discover monetary incentives. The Economic Development Council of South Miami-Dade attracts, expands, and retains a diverse range of businesses, just as diverse as the people they improve the quality of lives of with higher wages, better jobs, and job retention.

While there may be other councils in South Florida that share a similar goal, The Economic Development Council of South Miami-Dade is proud to say they make big changes by focusing on small businesses and communities, ranging from retail to healthcare, in the South Miami-Dade area.

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When you ask, “Is there an Economic Development Administration in Miami,” the Economic Development Council of South Miami-Dade is happy to provide answers! Our commitment towards education, funding, and supplying resources to our communities never rests.

Contact us today to learn more about how we help both big and small with flourishing economic development to achieve a better community for all!

What Is the Importance of Economic Planning in the Village of Pinecrest?

Economic planning is the way a governing body makes decisions to help improve the economy of a city, state, or entire country. It is what truly defines whether a location makes or breaks it in terms of their economy and what their contribution is to those around them. So, what is the importance of economic planning in the Village of Pinecrest?

Planning Allows Flexibility

If you don’t plan, there could be repercussions that were not expected. However, by having a plan in place, it’s easier to get back on track. Economic planning is not rigid, as things may change within the resources available to that specific area. If you are too rigid, you may not be able to adjust for a loss or increase of something whether it is population, jobs, or anything else. 

Economic Planning in the Village of Pinecrest Sets Objectives

As with any type of planning, you have goals that you want to meet. You must plan how you will meet those goals and determine whether your goals are realistic based on your resources. An example of an objective set during economic planning is reaching a 0% unemployment rate, or reaching a growth rate that is appropriate for your resources.

Economic Planning Helps Achieve Goals

Planning is extremely important because it allows you to actually achieve the objectives you set. In Pinecrest, we want to meet our goals to ensure we have the resources available to provide for the residents. We want to ensure that everyone has an opportunity within the region to access what they need, especially when it comes to jobs, and we do that through planning. 

The Importance of Economic Planning in the Village of Pinecrest Cannot Be Understated – Let’s Not Fail to Plan But Plan to Succeed!

If you would like to learn more about the importance of economic planning in the Village of Pinecrest, please do not hesitate to reach out. Contact us today at 305-378-9470 to learn more about what you can do to assist in the process of economic planning and make sure your voice is heard.