3 Top Reasons to Live in Homestead Near Miami

Finding the right place to live is very important to your overall happiness and development. With a population of nearly 69,000 people, Homestead is home to many people who are highly satisfied with where they live. Here are the top reasons that to live in Homestead near Miami.

1. Homestead Offers a Small-Town Feel With the Conveniences and Amenities of the Big City Nearby

One reason people want to live in Homestead near Miami is the proximity to the beach. The weather tends to be pretty predictably hot in this area. So, you can enjoy some sun while taking a dip in the delightful water. Imagine living in a house where the beach is your backyard!

But, it’s not just the beach. Just 30 miles from downtown Miami, you have nearly limitless amenities!  If you want to stay close, you can head to the Coral Castle or Fruit and Spice Park.

There are plenty of outdoor activities, including camping, fishing, and birdwatching in and around the area. There are also several fun indoor activities for you to do including going to clubs, art centers, and restaurants. As a result, Homestead is very popular with young people.

2. Homestead Near Miami Has More Affordable Homes

As of April 2022, the median price of homes in Homestead was about $395,000. This price is much lower than the median price of homes in Miami at $430,299 and fort the state of Florida, which is $410,000. You can also rent cheaper than you can in Miami if you are not ready to buy.

3. The Area Offers Diversity

No matter your ancestry, culture, or customs, you will feel comfortable in the Homestead area, as people from all over the world call Homestead home. This not only helps you feel welcome but also can introduce you to new experiences with other cultures too!

There Are So Many Reasons to Live in Homestead Near Miami, Including Economic Growth

This area is growing, and there has never been a better time to live and work in South Miami-Dade! To learn more about economic development in the area, contact us today!