Why Business Retention Is Important to the EDC in Miami-Dade

One way to know if a community is thriving is to look at its business community. It is important to retain businesses in Miami-Dade because it keeps the economy and the community strong. With approximately 20,000 businesses in the South Miami-Dade region, the objective of an EDC in Miami-Dade is to make sure these businesses have the ideal conditions to stay, grow, and flourish.

But First, What Exactly Is Business Retention?

One way the Economic Development Council (EDC) of South Miami-Dade is working to build a more vibrant community is to ensure the businesses that are here stay here. By working with the existing businesses to understand and respond to their needs, together we build a stronger business community through quality job opportunities and a stable economy. 

Why Is Business Retention Important?

In alignment with the EDC’s mission to create and attract well-paying jobs for residents, the climate needs to be such that businesses remain open and operating. The South Miami economy is composed primarily of small businesses which creates an environment where there can be healthy competition, diversity, and opportunity. These businesses employ residents and become invested in the community. Business retention is critical to the Economic Development Council.

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The EDC is a council of business members with a vested interest in supporting the business community.  The funding for EDC comes directly from businesses. In order to continue the mission of EDC and ensure that Miami-Dade continues to be an excellent spot for living, working, and relaxing, retaining business to keep the economy bustling is a top priority. Small and mid-sized local businesses will only improve the economy over time.  The Economic Development Council of South Miami-Dade will make sure that this area continues to see growth and development through sustainable and resilient business opportunities. 

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