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Economic Development Administration Near Cutler Bay

What Does an Economic Development Administration Near Cutler Bay Do?

The goal of the Economic Development Council is to make life better for the residents of South Miami-Dade where beautiful Cutler Bay is located. A top priority for the administration is to expand businesses and create jobs through the support of projects that are sustainable and resilient. Read on to see more about how an economic development administration near Cutler…

Economic Development Administration Near Cutler Bay

How to Find Local Business Funding in Cutler Bay / Miami

The saying, “You have to spend money to make money,” is oftentimes true, especially when starting or running a business. The question is, how do you find local business funding in Cutler Bay / Miami? Here’s how you can find funding and make your financial choices carefully! Consider the Amount of Funding You Need Before you can find the financial…

Live in Cutler Bay

Is Cutler Bay a Safe Place to Live?

There are many aspects of a community to consider before making it your home. Location, employment, housing, and education are all important. Many feel the safety of a town takes precedence over all else. With Cutler Bay being the newest municipality in South Miami-Dade, there is definite growth in the number of residents and businesses. These increases may lead a potential…

EDC in Miami-Dade

Work in Cutler Bay, Miami: What Are the Top Job Industries?

If you live in or are planning to live in Cutler Bay, a simple 40-minute commute to Miami, you may want to know which industries are most prominent in the area. There are great industries to you can choose from if you want to put down roots in the South Miami-Dade area and work in Cutler Bay, Miami! Read on…

Live in South Miami

5 Best Places to Live in South Miami-Dade

Are you interested in living in South Miami-Dade with its thriving neighborhoods and communities, but you’re not quite sure which place is right for you? Here are the top five places to live in South Miami-Dade! Cutler Bay One of the county’s newest municipalities, Cutler Bay has been growing at a rapid rate due to its active population and business-minded…