The Top 5 Reasons to Love Living in the Village of Pinecrest, Florida

Pinecrest is a lovely community located in South Miami-Dade County, Florida. The village is known for its lovely tree-lined streets, great schools, and its close-knit community. It’s a beautiful, peaceful, and safe place that people truly enjoy calling home. Living in the Village of Pinecrest has many benefits. Here are the top 5 reasons to love living here!

1. Pinecrest Weather Is a Reason Many Love Living Here

Pinecrest enjoys a warm, tropical climate all year round. The average daytime temperature is always above 75 degrees Fahrenheit, and sunny days are the norm. During the winter months, it rarely ever drops below 65 degrees during the day, making it a great place to escape the cold winter weather. The climate draws many people to Pinecrest, creating a unique and diverse community.

2. Living in the Village of Pinecrest Means There Are a Lot of Opportunities to Enjoy Nature

Pinecrest also offers plenty of outdoor recreation options, including Coral Park and Suniland Park. With a great selection of outdoor parks and trails in or near Pinecrest, there is always something to do in the great outdoors. If you really want to be adventurous, the Everglades are not too far away, and there are many options in nearby Miami.

3. The Food Is Delicious

Whether you’re looking for a traditional Cuban eatery or a sleek sushi spot, you can tickle your tastebuds in or near Pinecrest. In South Miami-Dade County, there is a great selection of fast-casual restaurants, including burger joints and pizza parlors.

4. The Shopping in and Around Pinecrest Is Unparalleled

From department stores to boutique shops to outlets, there’s a great selection of shops for everything you could possibly need. From antique stores to eco-friendly clothing boutiques, you’re sure to find something to suit your taste and budget in or near Pinecrest.

5. Living in the Village of Pinecrest Means You’re Minutes Away From Breathtakingly Beautiful Beaches

Two of Miami’s most stunning beaches, South Beach and Key Biscayne, are just a short drive away. Both beaches offer plenty of opportunities for sunbathing, swimming, and playing in the sand. South Beach, in particular, is well known for its nightlife, with plenty of bars and clubs to keep you partying until the sun rises. There are also plenty of great spots to enjoy a romantic stroll or simply sit back and watch the waves. No matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it at one of these two amazing beaches.

With its perfect weather, exciting nightlife, delicious food, unparalleled shopping, and breathtaking beaches, it’s no surprise that so many people love living near Miami in the village of Pinecrest. Living here has so much to offer, from outdoor activities to entertainment to culture, there is something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a place to call home or just a temporary escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Pinecrest is the perfect destination.

To learn more about opportunities to live, work, and play in Pinecrest, contact us today!

How to Live in Miami / Village of Palmetto Bay: 4 Ways to L-I-V-E Your Best Life!

It might seem odd to ask how to live somewhere, but the truth is not everyone knows! If you are planning a move to Florida or if you’re already a resident, here’s how to live in Miami / Village of Palmetto Bay. The secret is to live with intention.

1. Lifestyle

Does your lifestyle lean towards a thriving nightlife with clubs and a modern art scene? Do you prefer a quiet life with coffee shops and parks? Either way, you’re in good shape if you live in the city of Miami or the Village of Palmetto Bay. Only a half hour in distance between the two, you can easily access whatever it is you enjoy.

2. Investing

Most residents in the Village of Palmetto Bay are homeowners, while 70% of Miami residents rent. Whether you desire to own property or rent a beachside condo, you should invest in a home that makes you happy and meets all your needs.

3. Value

How to live in Miami / Village of Palmetto Bay means placing value on your community and getting involved. You can make a difference! Choose a cause you care about then decide which skills you want to contribute. Volunteer your time or donate to the cause. When you value your community, it shows how proud you are to live there.

4. Education

Education is often a priority when it comes to choosing a place to live. You might have children in school, or maybe you’re an adult wishing to continue your education. 

Miami-Dade has one of the largest school districts in the country. The Village of Palmetto Bay is well known for its outstanding public schools. Miami has numerous educational opportunities for college-age kids and adults. Regardless of your needs, education is top notch in Miami / Village of Palmetto.

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A priority of the EDC is the success of our businesses and residents, no matter if it’s work, play, or lifestyle. If you’ve got questions about Miami / Village of Palmetto Bay, please contact us today. We’re happy to help!

Here’s Why You Should Live and Work in the Village of Pinecrest

Deciding where to call home is a big decision because where you live will influence all other aspects of your life. For approximately 19,000 people, the choice to live and work in the Village of Pinecrest has turned out to be the best decision they’ve ever made.

Living in the Village of Pinecrest

With its upscale suburban vibe combined with stunning tropical parkland, the Village of Pinecrest offers more than just a place to live. It’s a place to play, live, and thrive.

If your child’s education is a concern, you can rest easy. You’ll set your child up for success when they attend the highly rated private and public schools in the Village of Pinecrest. It is here where your child can grow and develop their most valuable life skills.

Hate a long commute? Not a problem. The average commute for most residents is thirty minutes or less. That’s minimal time driving which allows you more time to enjoy the many festivals and fun family events. If you prefer, you can also relax on the free transportation service provided for the residents of the Village of Pinecrest.

Single adults, families, seniors, young adults, and kids all find it simple to get involved and be active. The Village of Pinecrest has something to love for everyone.

Working in Pinecrest

Are you currently employed in any of these industries:

  • Banking and Finance
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Professional
  • Scientific
  • Technical services
  • Agriculture
  • Tourism
  • Media and Communications
  • International trade

If you are working in any of these industries or have a desire to embark on a new and exciting career, then the Village of Pinecrest is where you need to be. 

To work in the Village of Pinecrest means you’ll have at your fingertips the opportunity to continue a successful career path in these booming industries or forge a new one. No matter your situation, living and working in the Village of Pinecrest is truly setting yourself and your family up for success. 

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The mission of the Economic Development Council of South Miami-Dade is to provide our residents and businesses with the full support needed to thrive. 

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Where Are the Best Neighborhoods to Live in Miami?

Interested in moving to Miami and not sure where to settle? Luckily, Miami is so much more than beautiful beaches and pristine golf courses. It’s also full of idyllic neighborhoods with a little something for everyone. Let’s take a look at the best neighborhoods to live in Miami!

What Should You Know Before Moving to Miami?

Miami is, without a doubt, a bustling city. It’s the third most populated city in the Eastern US with a lifestyle that attracts thousands of residents and tourists yearly. Miami is known for its diversity and rapid growth, as well as opportunities for adventures, education, employment, and a fresh start. 

Where Are the Best Neighborhoods to Live in Miami?

All neighborhoods in Miami have something to offer, and it’s not difficult to find one that exactly matches your lifestyle. Some of the top Miami neighborhoods are:

  • Coral Gables: Parks, waterfront views, galleries, museums, and some of the best private schools are found in Coral Gables. You’ll find charming Mediterranean architecture, and being a resident means you’ll discover the beauty of simply being outdoors.
  • Brickell / Downtown Miami: If you’re searching for a trendy area with a booming international hub, then you’ll find that in Brickell and Downtown Miami. While there is no direct beach access, you can access the sand and sea easily with public transportation. This is an excellent choice for anyone who works and plays hard.
  • Pinecrest: If what you are seeking is a quiet residential village feel, then take time to look at Pinecrest. This is an area that appeals to anyone with a desire for palm tree-lined streets, big homes, and a healthy lifestyle. This is an area filled with stunning parks and beautiful Florida foliage.
  • Edgewater and Lynwood: These neighborhoods offer convenience and Live in Miamiare only a stone’s throw from downtown Miami’s nightlife. In Edgewater and Lynwood, you’ll find a thriving art scene, local eateries, and boutiques. Newly built residential areas and skyscrapers make these areas a great choice for young professionals.

One of our goals here at EDC South Miami-Dade is to improve the area so that life, work, and play in and around Miami perfectly suits your needs and lifestyle. Contact us today for more information on the best neighborhoods to live in Miami and our plans to make life in South Florida better for all!

5 Best Places to Live in South Miami-Dade

The decision to move to South Miami-Dade is easy. It’s a beautiful place to live full of opportunities for all ages! So, how do you choose the right location to call home? Use this guide to the best places to live in South Miami-Dade, and you’ll be unpacking in no time!

1. Pinecrest

Recognized as one of the most beautiful areas in South Miami-Dade, Pinecrest is an upscale neighborhood with a focus on community and education. With a local produce market, plenty of parks, and bike paths, you’ll find this a perfectly peaceful place to live.

2. Palmetto Bay

Located on the shores of Biscayne Bay, Palmetto Bay is an area of stunning views. Over 24,000 residents enjoy a community atmosphere that encompasses five Village parks, as well as two county facilities. In Palmetto Bay, you’ll find an extensive library and excellent educational system with access to private primary and secondary schools. Become a resident, and be a part of Palmetto Bay’s exciting past, present, and future!

3. Homestead

As the second oldest city in South Miami-Dade, Homestead offers a unique blend of historic charm with a modern feel. It’s a fantastic place to settle for businesses and families. While you’re here, take time to visit the Cybranium. In this library of the future you’ll find books, video games, virtual reality, and so much more!

4. Florida City

Your gateway to the Florida Keys and Everglades, Florida City offers quite a bit for the tourist in you. Escape to the suburbs for quiet, tranquil living but head out in the evening for a night of fun. For your on-the-go family, you’ll find plenty of activities and sites to see. This truly is one of the best places to live in South Miami-Dade.

5. Cutler Bay

Cutler Bay is one of the newest towns in South Miami-Dade. A thriving community has meant substantial growth for this beautiful municipality where you’re free to ride your golf cart around town! With its many green initiatives and wide array of residential neighborhoods, this is a perfect place to raise a family.

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Is Cutler Bay a Safe Place to Live?

There are many aspects of a community to consider before making it your home. Location, employment, housing, and education are all important. Many feel the safety of a town takes precedence over all else. With Cutler Bay being the newest municipality in South Miami-Dade, there is definite growth in the number of residents and businesses. These increases may lead a potential new resident to wonder, “Is Culter Bay a safe place to live?” 

Let’s Look at Some Important Stats for Cutler Bay

Typically the higher the population the higher the crime rate. Before we answer, “Is Cutler Bay a safe place to live,” let’s take a look at some stats. 

The population of Cutler Bay is 45,000 with approximately 14,000 housing units. There are 2,430 registered businesses and a labor force of 21,394 people. In 2021, Cutler Bay was considered the 7th fastest growing community in South Miami-Dade. It is a largely residential area with eight public schools and one charter school. Looks great on paper, but what about crime? 

Crime Stats for Cutler Bay – Is Cutler Bay a Safe Place to Live? 

In general, it’s considered incredibly safe. Given the number of residents in Cutler Bay, the average crime stats are low. 

A report issued by the police department in February 2022, reports 0 homicides for both 2021 and 2022, while the highest number of crimes (although still very low) for those years involve offenses like grand larceny (14 in 2022, YTD) and burglary (8 in 2022, YTD). 

Cutler Bay law enforcement contracts with Miami-Dade Police Department, and clearly this collaboration works. There have been decreases in every type of crime throughout the community.

The Neighborhood Resource Unit

Cutler Bay has put into place the Neighborhood Resource Unit (NRU), which goes beyond regular policing efforts. The purpose of the NRU is to address issues pertaining to the quality of life of residents, community concerns, school safety, as well as home and business security.

The members of the NRU strive daily to be proactive in their efforts to keep the citizens and businesses of Cutler Bay safe and secure. They welcome input from everyone who lives or is hoping to live in the community.

Contact the South Miami-Dade Economic Development Council for Answers to Questions Such as, “Is Cutler Bay a Safe Place to Live?”

The safety of the Cutler Bay community is paramount to EDC of South Miami-Dade, and we work with law enforcement,  to ensure the safety of its residents. Please contact us today to learn more about our efforts at protecting Cutler Bay from crime.

4 Great Reasons to Live in Florida City in Miami-Dade

Whether you’re in the mood for sightseeing, family activities, or even just relaxing with a nice book over your favorite drink on an outdoor patio, in Florida City you can do it all. Here’s the scoop ~ four great reasons why you should live in Florida City in Miami-Dade!

1. Affordable Housing Options to When You Live in Florida City in Miami-Dade

Due to Florida’s lack of a state or local income tax and its relatively low cost of living, it has affordable property options. Just outside of Miami, you can typically find homes and rentals that are affordable.

2. Plenty of Entertainment and Leisure Activities

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Florida City, you can enjoy plenty of events such as festivals, rides, and fireworks shows. The city has access to many beautiful parks that provide an excellent place for you to take your pets for walks or simply relax with some friends. 

Whether you go in Florida City, North Bay Village, Homestead, or even Richmond Heights, you’ll always have access to beautiful beaches.

3. Great Transportation Options When You Live in Florida City in Miami-Dade

Florida City is situated in a central spot, helping make the most of your transportation options. 

In this area, you can catch a ride on the South Dade TransitWay, which services the Miami Central Business District, Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay, Cutler Bay, and Homestead in addition to Florida City. This system is ideal for commuters for a variety of reasons. For one, SDTS has its no-fare bus lines that are typically less crowded than the central transit system in Miami. The buses also have a more comprehensive selection of stops, which are likely not far from your home or office. In addition, their schedules are accommodating both day and night and include weekends and holidays. If you choose to Live in Florida City in Miami-Dade, you can count on having a hassle-free commute.

4. Unique Places to Shop

If you’re into retail therapy, then you have options to spend your money in Florida City. This area is home to various stores including outlets.

Are you thinking about relocating? Contact us here at the Economic Development Council of South Miami-Dade to learn about business and employment opportunities, infrastructure developments, and anything else you want to know about living in Florida City!

3 Top Reasons to Live in Homestead Near Miami

Finding the right place to live is very important to your overall happiness and development. With a population of nearly 69,000 people, Homestead is home to many people who are highly satisfied with where they live. Here are the top reasons that to live in Homestead near Miami.

1. Homestead Offers a Small-Town Feel With the Conveniences and Amenities of the Big City Nearby

One reason people want to live in Homestead near Miami is the proximity to the beach. The weather tends to be pretty predictably hot in this area. So, you can enjoy some sun while taking a dip in the delightful water. Imagine living in a house where the beach is your backyard!

But, it’s not just the beach. Just 30 miles from downtown Miami, you have nearly limitless amenities!  If you want to stay close, you can head to the Coral Castle or Fruit and Spice Park.

There are plenty of outdoor activities, including camping, fishing, and birdwatching in and around the area. There are also several fun indoor activities for you to do including going to clubs, art centers, and restaurants. As a result, Homestead is very popular with young people.

2. Homestead Near Miami Has More Affordable Homes

As of April 2022, the median price of homes in Homestead was about $395,000. This price is much lower than the median price of homes in Miami at $430,299 and fort the state of Florida, which is $410,000. You can also rent cheaper than you can in Miami if you are not ready to buy.

3. The Area Offers Diversity

No matter your ancestry, culture, or customs, you will feel comfortable in the Homestead area, as people from all over the world call Homestead home. This not only helps you feel welcome but also can introduce you to new experiences with other cultures too!

There Are So Many Reasons to Live in Homestead Near Miami, Including Economic Growth

This area is growing, and there has never been a better time to live and work in South Miami-Dade! To learn more about economic development in the area, contact us today!


5 Best Places to Live in South Miami-Dade

Are you interested in living in South Miami-Dade with its thriving neighborhoods and communities, but you’re not quite sure which place is right for you? Here are the top five places to live in South Miami-Dade!

Cutler Bay

One of the county’s newest municipalities, Cutler Bay has been growing at a rapid rate due to its active population and business-minded community, offering various residential neighborhoods to suit anyone’s needs.

Cutler Bay is set apart from the rest because of its Youth Council Committee, a student committee working with the city council in order to give the youth of today a voice.

Florida City

The southernmost municipality, Florida City is a gateway to the Florida Keys and Everglades.

Florida City holds benefits such as family-friendly Miami suburbs and agricultural land combined with hotels and restaurants for the tourist in you. Home to the Miami-Dade College’s Homestead Campus, Florida City is suitable for all ages seeking to live, work, or play.


Small-town charm meets big city dreams in Homestead, welcoming both business and family types. One of Miami-Dade’s oldest cities, Homestead has had time to blossom into what it is today, rich in history while offering convenient modernity.

If that’s not enough to entice you, check out the Cybrarium, a futuristic library that contains books, video games, workshops, virtual reality, and more!

Palmetto Bay

Palmetto Bay has created the perfect environment for families to flourish with its ample school services, beautiful neighborhoods, parks, and more! From recreational amenities to outperforming schools, Palmetto Bay is the place to be for starting and raising a family.


One of the most beautiful residential areas in South Florida, Pinecrest is an upscale haven that has grown around Pinecrest Gardens, a wildlife attraction transformed into a community park. With some of the highest rated public schools, Pinecrest is another excellent choice for the family type!

Whether You Want to Work, Play or Live in South Miami-Dade, We’re Here for You!

The Economic Development Council of South Miami-Dade is ready to help every step of the way, whether you wish to play, work, or live in South Miami-Dade. For further information, contact us at 305-378-9470.

Raising Your Family in the Village of Pinecrest: 4 Top Benefits

If you are looking for a place to move with your family, you know that this is not a decision to take lightly. You may be looking at the Village of Pinecrest and wondering if it would be a good place to raise your family. Read on to learn about just a few of the amazing benefits for families in Pinecrest. 

1. Fantastic Recreation

Pinecrest is right by the coast, and it contains a number of lovely parks. These parks include Coral Pine Park, Red Road Linear Park, and Evelyn Greer Park. The Pinecrest Gardens offer plenty of fun activities, including a petting zoo and outdoor theater. The village is also right near the R Hardy Matheson County Reserve, which provides fantastic recreation opportunities. 

2. Great Schools in the Village of Pinecrest

One thing that makes Pinecrest very popular for parents is that the schools are considered top notch. Both public and private institutions have received excellent ratings in Pinecrest. This gives you plenty of choices when it comes to the education of your children. 

3. Fun Events

The people of Pinecrest work hard to provide exciting events that make everyone feel welcome. These events include festivals, exercise classes, games, and conferences that engage all ages. Enjoy events throughout the whole year.  

4. Safety

Pinecrest is considered to be a safe village where neighbors look out for each other. The crime statistics for the area are consistently lower than the national average amount of crime. Violent crimes in Pinecrest are consistently less than a quarter as common as violent crimes nationally

The Village of Pinecrest Is the Ideal Spot for a Budding Family

The Economic Development Council of South Miami-Dade is here to help you get to know the Village of Pinecrest. We believe this cozy village may be exactly where you want to raise your family. Contact us at 305-378-9470 today to learn more about the economic benefits of playing, working, and living in Pinecrest.