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Remote Workers in Miami / South Miami-Dade

How Does Remote Work in Miami / South Miami-Dade Impact Economic Development?

During the pandemic, working from home became the norm for Americans. As pandemic restrictions relaxed and people had the option to return to work, we discovered what was thought to be a phase is now becoming the norm for many industries. How does remote work in Miami / South Miami-Dade impact economic development? Good or bad, it looks like remote work…

Work in Florida City Near Miami

Work in Florida City / Miami: What Industries Need More Employees?

What industries in Florida City near Miami need more employees? Fortunately, for current and potential new residents, there are many possible answers for those who want to live, play, and work in Florida City / Miami. Times are changing, and there is a surge in employment opportunities that has not been seen in years.  What Are the Top Industries Near Florida…

Local Business Funding in Miami Dade

4 Reasons to Start a Company and Get Local Business Funding in Miami

If you're thinking about becoming a small business owner, there are a number of different programs available that can help you with local business funding in Miami so that you can get started. There are a variety of financial incentives to businesses that are either locating or expanding in the downtown area. These incentives, including grants, loans, and tax breaks.…

EDC in Miami-Dade

Work in Cutler Bay, Miami: What Are the Top Job Industries?

If you live in or are planning to live in Cutler Bay, a simple 40-minute commute to Miami, you may want to know which industries are most prominent in the area. There are great industries to you can choose from if you want to put down roots in the South Miami-Dade area and work in Cutler Bay, Miami! Read on…

Miami Biotech Job Homestead

Are Biotech Jobs in Homestead / Miami Expected to Increase?

Miami is known as a bustling city with plenty of opportunities in various fields. So, are Biotech jobs in Homestead / Miami increasing? Here is what you need to know about these jobs in the South Miami-Dade area.  What Is Biotech? Biotech, or biotechnology is a field that harnesses biology for use in technology. For example, biomolecular processes may be…