4 Facts You Need to Know About Living in the City of Homestead, Florida

Whether you already call Homestead your home or you’re new to living in this one-of-a-kind city, there’s a lot to discover about the area you live in. Here are four fun facts about living in Homestead, Florida that prove why it’s one of the best cities in South Miami-Dade!

1. Homestead Is Home to the Cybrarium

The Cybrarium is a unique and innovative library that you can’t find anywhere else, and it happens to be located in Homestead! This high-tech library takes the traditional methods of learning and adds a fun new twist, offering a digital library, 3-D printing, virtual reality experiences, and so much more.

The Cybrarium is perfect for adults and kids of all ages, providing easily accessible resources tailored to yours and your child’s interests.

2. It’s the Second Oldest City in Miami-Dade County

Founded in 1913, Homestead is a city rich in history. This great city was once a path called the “Homesteaders Trail,” giving hard-working farmers a way to transport goods like fruits and vegetables to the South Dade area.

Many of these farmers and workers stayed behind, however, thus Homestead was founded. The CIty of Homestead maintains designated Historic Districts to learn more about its history and culture.

3. There Are Plenty of Attractions to Enjoy

A common problem people run into is feeling bored in the city they live in, believing they’ve seen all there is to see. This is far from the truth in Homestead.

Homestead offers plenty of attractions and parks to enjoy, including several farms, dozens of parks (even a few national parks), and more. Yes, there’s even an alligator farm where you can admire these animals and even feed them. Welcome to Florida!

4. There Is a Wide Variety of Schools

Homestead is within the Miami-Dade school district, and there are private schools as well, so you can be sure your children can learn and develop. Additionally, this city is home to the Miami-Dade College Homestead Campus for older learners!

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