5 Best Places to Live in South Miami-Dade

The decision to move to South Miami-Dade is easy. It’s a beautiful place to live full of opportunities for all ages! So, how do you choose the right location to call home? Use this guide to the best places to live in South Miami-Dade, and you’ll be unpacking in no time!

1. Pinecrest

Recognized as one of the most beautiful areas in South Miami-Dade, Pinecrest is an upscale neighborhood with a focus on community and education. With a local produce market, plenty of parks, and bike paths, you’ll find this a perfectly peaceful place to live.

2. Palmetto Bay

Located on the shores of Biscayne Bay, Palmetto Bay is an area of stunning views. Over 24,000 residents enjoy a community atmosphere that encompasses five Village parks, as well as two county facilities. In Palmetto Bay, you’ll find an extensive library and excellent educational system with access to private primary and secondary schools. Become a resident, and be a part of Palmetto Bay’s exciting past, present, and future!

3. Homestead

As the second oldest city in South Miami-Dade, Homestead offers a unique blend of historic charm with a modern feel. It’s a fantastic place to settle for businesses and families. While you’re here, take time to visit the Cybranium. In this library of the future you’ll find books, video games, virtual reality, and so much more!

4. Florida City

Your gateway to the Florida Keys and Everglades, Florida City offers quite a bit for the tourist in you. Escape to the suburbs for quiet, tranquil living but head out in the evening for a night of fun. For your on-the-go family, you’ll find plenty of activities and sites to see. This truly is one of the best places to live in South Miami-Dade.

5. Cutler Bay

Cutler Bay is one of the newest towns in South Miami-Dade. A thriving community has meant substantial growth for this beautiful municipality where you’re free to ride your golf cart around town! With its many green initiatives and wide array of residential neighborhoods, this is a perfect place to raise a family.

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