Is Cutler Bay a Safe Place to Live?

There are many aspects of a community to consider before making it your home. Location, employment, housing, and education are all important. Many feel the safety of a town takes precedence over all else. With Cutler Bay being the newest municipality in South Miami-Dade, there is definite growth in the number of residents and businesses. These increases may lead a potential new resident to wonder, “Is Culter Bay a safe place to live?” 

Let’s Look at Some Important Stats for Cutler Bay

Typically the higher the population the higher the crime rate. Before we answer, “Is Cutler Bay a safe place to live,” let’s take a look at some stats. 

The population of Cutler Bay is 45,000 with approximately 14,000 housing units. There are 2,430 registered businesses and a labor force of 21,394 people. In 2021, Cutler Bay was considered the 7th fastest growing community in South Miami-Dade. It is a largely residential area with eight public schools and one charter school. Looks great on paper, but what about crime? 

Crime Stats for Cutler Bay – Is Cutler Bay a Safe Place to Live? 

In general, it’s considered incredibly safe. Given the number of residents in Cutler Bay, the average crime stats are low. 

A report issued by the police department in February 2022, reports 0 homicides for both 2021 and 2022, while the highest number of crimes (although still very low) for those years involve offenses like grand larceny (14 in 2022, YTD) and burglary (8 in 2022, YTD). 

Cutler Bay law enforcement contracts with Miami-Dade Police Department, and clearly this collaboration works. There have been decreases in every type of crime throughout the community.

The Neighborhood Resource Unit

Cutler Bay has put into place the Neighborhood Resource Unit (NRU), which goes beyond regular policing efforts. The purpose of the NRU is to address issues pertaining to the quality of life of residents, community concerns, school safety, as well as home and business security.

The members of the NRU strive daily to be proactive in their efforts to keep the citizens and businesses of Cutler Bay safe and secure. They welcome input from everyone who lives or is hoping to live in the community.

Contact the South Miami-Dade Economic Development Council for Answers to Questions Such as, “Is Cutler Bay a Safe Place to Live?”

The safety of the Cutler Bay community is paramount to EDC of South Miami-Dade, and we work with law enforcement,  to ensure the safety of its residents. Please contact us today to learn more about our efforts at protecting Cutler Bay from crime.