Is the Village of Palmetto Bay a Good Place to Live? Yes, Here’s Why!

Looking to make a move? Consider Palmetto Bay as a place for you to put down your roots. The Village of Palmetto Bay provides you with the benefits of a small town, while providing access to the Miami area and all the fun that goes along with it! Here are just a few of the many reasons that Palmetto Bay is a fantastic place to live. 

In the Village of Palmetto Bay, Safety Is a Priority

Palmetto Bay is considered to be extremely safe and family-oriented. The village is full of families with children. Parents are comfortable with letting their kids walk to school, and all the neighbors look out for each other. The crime statistics in this area are consistently significantly lower than the national average. 

It’s Near Miami and Key Largo

Even though Palmetto Bay is a fairly small community, you still get all the benefits of city life, thanks to the close proximity of both Key Largo and Miami. These bustling locales offer plenty of shopping and dining opportunities. 

Many Homes Are Newer

While the destruction from Hurricane Andrew in 1992 is unfortunate, one silver lining of that disaster is that many of the homes in Palmetto Bay are very new. So, if you want a new and sturdy home, Palmetto Bay has many options to offer you. 

You’ll Find Many Beautiful Recreational Areas

This very family-oriented area has quite a few beautiful parks that are great for a walk or a picnic. Many parks also offer free family programs and plenty of exercise programs. Coral Reef Park, in particular, is prized for its recreational offerings. 

Want to Learn More About Living and / or Working in the Village of Palmetto Bay? We Are Happy to Talk!

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