Top Reasons Economic Development in South Miami-Dade Is Essential

Helping to enrich communities in both quality and quantity of work, life, and play, development is important to any economy. Helping South Miami-Dade prosper, our economic development council is dedicated to growth for Floridians. Here’s why economic development in South Miami-Dade is essential.

It Helps Prevent Economic Downturns

Recessions affect us all, but communities that have prioritized economic development are more resilient and fare better in the long run. By attracting more recession-proof businesses and being proactive in other ways beforehand, economic development councils help ensure citizens in their communities suffer as little as possible from a downturn.

Sustainable Businesses Are Not Only Retained but Have the Opportunity to Grow and Create More Jobs

Business retention and expansion (BRE) is an integral part of economic development, as companies have the ability to help communities grow when they succeed. Businesses that flourish and create new jobs attract more people to the area and thus create more opportunity for all other aspects of economic growth.

The Community Is Improved Through Tax Revenue

Taxes, though Florida is a very pro-business state when it comes to corporate taxes, help to fund projects that improve the quality of life for those who live, work, play, and even visit the area. The creation and maintenance of parks, schools, libraries, roads, and more make communities more attractive for living. Local governments depend on tax revenue to provide essential services within their community / communities that make working, living, and / or playing there enjoyable.

There Is an Opportunity for Greater Diversity

Diversity in the economy not only allows for growth and innovation, but it also helps protect against an economic downturn by increasing the number of work industries. If one specific industry is hit hard, there is still room for growth in other sectors.

Economic Development Council of South Miami-Dade Is Committed to Growth of Our Area Through Connection, Information, and Opportunities

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