What Is the Importance of Economic Planning in the Village of Pinecrest?

Economic planning is the way a governing body makes decisions to help improve the economy of a city, state, or entire country. It is what truly defines whether a location makes or breaks it in terms of their economy and what their contribution is to those around them. So, what is the importance of economic planning in the Village of Pinecrest?

Planning Allows Flexibility

If you don’t plan, there could be repercussions that were not expected. However, by having a plan in place, it’s easier to get back on track. Economic planning is not rigid, as things may change within the resources available to that specific area. If you are too rigid, you may not be able to adjust for a loss or increase of something whether it is population, jobs, or anything else. 

Economic Planning in the Village of Pinecrest Sets Objectives

As with any type of planning, you have goals that you want to meet. You must plan how you will meet those goals and determine whether your goals are realistic based on your resources. An example of an objective set during economic planning is reaching a 0% unemployment rate, or reaching a growth rate that is appropriate for your resources.

Economic Planning Helps Achieve Goals

Planning is extremely important because it allows you to actually achieve the objectives you set. In Pinecrest, we want to meet our goals to ensure we have the resources available to provide for the residents. We want to ensure that everyone has an opportunity within the region to access what they need, especially when it comes to jobs, and we do that through planning. 

The Importance of Economic Planning in the Village of Pinecrest Cannot Be Understated – Let’s Not Fail to Plan But Plan to Succeed!

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