Why Is an Economic Development Council in South Miami-Dade Important?

In order for any community to survive, it must be free of barriers that hinder economic growth. It helps to have organizations such as the Economic Development Council in South Miami-Dade to clear the path and make it possible for residents and businesses to succeed.

What Are the Benefits of Having an Economic Development Council?

It all comes down to economic growth. A thriving economy means:

  • Higher incomes: Economic growth means the residents of South Miami-Dade can consume more goods and services while enjoying a quality standard of living.
  • Employment opportunities: Positive economic growth allows businesses the ability to create more job opportunities.
  • Public services: The South Miami-Dade Economic Development Council has been able to fund improvements in healthcare and education due to a positive economic growth.
  • Investments: Economic growth encourages firms to invest in the future economic growth of South Miami-Dade.
  • Economic development: Promoting economic development in South Miami-Dade means creating sustainable economic growth. This leads to continued improvement to standard of living and prosperity. 

The Economic Development Council in South Miami-Dade provides our community with choices. While some communities are restricted in their abilities and opportunities, ours is more diverse with sustainable companies and a workforce of residents who are hard-working, educated, skilled, and resilient.

How is the Economic Development Council Funded?

The EDC is funded strictly through businesses and organizations that have an interest in bolstering South Miami-Dade with various projects and initiatives. These endeavors fall in line with our vision for the community to, “Harness sustainability and resiliency through economic development, infrastructure improvements, education and skilled workforce.”

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